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The ultimate small business bookkeeping system

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PowerBooks empowers business owners with the tools, people and technology to lower the cost of government compliance, increase visibility on their business and address day-to-day challenges. 


Owning a business often involved juggling many hats. As a result, the responsibilities of staying on top of your books can fall to the wayside. Get guided support to keep you on task throughout your plan and lower the effort needed. 


Up-to-date and useful books depends on collaboration between many people: Business owners, bookkeepers, accountants, customer support and third-party partners. Share information – not frustration – by keeping everyone on the same page. 


100% Online

We've been virtual from the beginning knowing that businesses owners needed a real-time, cost-effective and collaborative solution.

Upfront Pricing

No long-term contracts: Just a clear, predictable price for the recurring work needed to keep your books up-to-date.

Simplified Tools

There are many apps and tools available in the market, but integrating them often lead to unwanted complexities. We provide and support a tech stack that supports simplicity for business owners.

Amazing Support

A support system powered by state-of-the art technology, dedicated people and a community of professionals.

Custom Workflows

Not all businesses are the same. Each business, therefore, has a unique workflow to getting the books done every month.

Loved by Accountants

Up-to-date books and increased collaboration improves the ability of your tax professionals to effectively advise you and your business. Your accountant becomes part of the PowerBooks collaboration team from day one!

ready to simplify your books

It has never been easier



  • Spark features:
  • Categorized transactions (monthly)
  • Reconcile bank accounts (Quarterly)
  • Prepare financial statements (Quarterly)
  • Sales tax filings (Quarterly)
  • Payroll processing
  • Update / review meetings (Quarterly)
  • End-of-year financial package (Standard)
  • Bookkeeping software (QBO/Xero)
  • Receipt Bank
  • Wagepoint payroll (discount)
  • Flex tab (30 mins)
  • Support channels: Case email
  • 1 User


  • Spark features plus the following upgrades:
  • Categorized transactions (Twice a month)
  • Reconcile bank accounts (Monthly)
  • Prepare financial statements (Monthly)
  • Sales tax filings (Monthly)
  • Flex tab (1hr)
  • Support channels: Case emails, Phone
  • 2 Users
  • Plus additional features:
  • Receipt and employee expense management
  • Training sessions (3 per year)


  • Ignite Features plus the following upgrades: 
  • Categorized transactions (Weekly)
  • End-of-year financial package (Enhanced)
  • Flex tab (2hrs)
  • 3 Users
  • Training Sessions (6 per year)
"Working with SBP has allowed our company to focus on growing our business as oppose to worrying about the books."
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